Welcome to the Foodie’s World

The sound of Cumin seeds crackling while making Tarka(Tempering),

The smell of freshly ground Garam Masala(All Spice Powder),

A sight of Fresh home-grown Herbs and Veggies,

The feeling on seeing melted cheese oozing out of Pizza,

Watching a cake blooming inside the oven,

Cookies that just melt in your mouth…

All these and many more such things are the reason for my Passion and Love for Cooking. And this Passion and Love takes me towards Blogging my experiments with Cooking. I am tempted to cook almost everything Vegetarian, for this my quest for recipes never ends. Whenever and wherever I find something interesting I try that in my kitchen. I take recipes from internet, TV, acquaintances, relatives, friends and so on. Basically from everywhere and then mould them in my style.

Here I will be Blogging about my food, kitchen garden, spices, Herbs and all. To sum up its about ‘All that is Food’ 😊

Hope you have a good time here😊